Table of contents


Here are some features available out of the box.

  1. 🤩 Editor.js powered
  2. 📂 Docs nesting — create any structure you need
  3. 📱 Nice look on Desktop and Mobile
  4. 🔥 Beautiful page URLs. Human-readable and SEO-friendly.
  5. 🦅 Hawk is hunting. Errors tracking integrated
  6. 💌 Misprints reports to the Telegram / Slack
  7. 📈 Yandex Metrica integrated
  8. 🚢 Deploy easily — no DB and other deps required
  9. 🤙 Simple configuration 
  10. ⚙️ Tune UI as you need. Collapse sections, hide the Sidebar

CodeX Docs is a free and open source product. If you're interested in some other features, feel free to create an issue on GitHub Repo.