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Code contribution

CodeX Docs is a free and open source product. That means everyone can join its evolution.

If you spot a problem with the docs, search if an issue already exists. If a related issue doesn't exist, you can open a new issue using a relevant issue form.

You can also send a feature request by choosing a feature-request label.

Scan through our existing issues to find one that interests you. You can narrow down the search using labels as filters. See Labels for more information. As a general rule, we don’t assign issues to anyone. If you find an issue to work on, you are welcome to open a PR with a fix.

That's a good idea to start from a good first issue label.

You can use as linter for your code style.

When you're finished with the changes, create a pull request.

  • Fill the pull request body with clear message.
  • Don't forget to link PR to issue if you are solving one.
  • Enable the checkbox to allow maintainer edits so the branch can be updated for a merge. Once you submit your PR, a Docs team member will review your proposal. We may ask questions or request for additional information.
  • We may ask for changes to be made before a PR can be merged, either using suggested changes or pull request comments. You can apply suggested changes directly through the UI. You can make any other changes in your fork, then commit them to your branch.
  • As you update your PR and apply changes, mark each conversation as resolved.
  • If you run into any merge issues, checkout this git tutorial to help you resolve merge conflicts and other issues.

We use the Release-drafter to generate release notes and GitHub release.

It will automatically generate draft release based pull requests data between current version and previous version.

You are very welcome to join development of the related projects: